College Students and Self Storage

college students and self storage



It is hard to believe that the end of the school year is nearly here. It seems like it was just yesterday that college students were just moving into dorms and college apartments. Most colleges and universities will be ending their school years from the end of April through mid-June. College students and graduates need to pack up all of their belongings that they have accumulated over the school year. The school and personal items such as computers, electronics, linens, furniture, and books will need to be transported back home and then re-packed and transported back to school in the fall. There has to be a better solution than transporting all of these items back and forth every summer!? Self storage is the perfect alternative for college students and faculty to store their college dorm room items, office or college apartment items during the summer.

When choosing a self storage facility, make sure that it is near your college or university, so you will have easier access to your items when you move back to college for the fall semester. Most self storage facilities offer month-to-month rentals, which is perfect for college student’s short term needs as well as budgetary constraints. When choosing a self storage unit, start with the smallest size that will fit your books, linens, winter clothes and kitchen items. A 5×5 storage unit will be perfect for these items.  If you need to store furniture or larger items, then choose a larger size storage unit. If you need to store electronics or nicer furniture, it would be a good idea to rent a climate controlled storage unit. Magellan Storage  has storage unit sizes from 5×5 to 10×30 that any serve any student’s storage needs. The state-of-the-art security at Magellan Storage will also give students peace-of-mind that their belongings are safe and secure when they are in storage.

Self storage is also a great option for college graduates. After graduation, students are moving back home or moving to new cities and new adventures. If the college graduate is moving home, they might have little storage space to put their belongings because their parents re-purposed their bedroom to an office, workout room or craft room. Graduates can store their college belongings in a self storage unit until they are settled into a new apartment or a home in a different city. A storage unit is very helpful if the graduate’s new apartment is much smaller than what they are used to! The time after graduation is a time of transition and change, having a place to store your belongings is very important for the graduate’s peace-of-mind. Stop in to Magellan Storage’s 6 Los Angeles and Orange County locations  to see how we can help students with their storage needs!

10 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning



Spring officially arrived on March 21st. The spring weather has also finally made an appearance, which is great weather for opening windows and doors and letting the warm breezes and fresh air into our homes after a long winter. Spring is also the time to do those dreaded spring cleaning projects. Spring cleaning has been going on for centuries. People would close up their homes as a protection against the cold and wet weather during the winter months. Dirt and ash from fires, residue from oil lamps and other dust would settle in every nook and cranny of the home, not to mention the germs that just kept developing inside the home! When the first taste of spring weather arrived, people would open up their home and thoroughly clean the homes from the walls to mattresses to linens to furniture. We continue that cleaning tradition today by doing spring cleaning, organization, remodeling and renovating projects during the warmer months.

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, sometimes just even thinking about all of the spring cleaning projects can wear a person out! However, if you start your project with a goal in mind and a plan, then the spring cleaning projects can be easier to achieve. A major part of the spring cleaning process is decluttering and re-organizing the spaces that you are cleaning. Spring is the best time to go and put away winter clothing, pack up paperwork that has piled up on desks and recycle magazines and catalogs that you received over the winter. In order to become organized, you must first clear out the room that you are cleaning. Sort the items of the room in to the following boxes or piles: Keep in the room, store, sell, donate or throw away. Self storage is a great option to store items that you can’t get rid of, but still want to keep. Magellan Storage  has locations in Los Angeles and Orange County that can help you with all of your needs from packing and moving supplies (to box up those items that you sorting) to climate controlled storage units.

In order to help you through your spring cleaning projects, here are 10 great tips to help you make the task easier and get completed faster. There are also many great websites that can offer spring cleaning tips and ideas including Martha Stewart  and Better Homes and Gardens. 

1. Create a checklist of the spring cleaning tasks by room. Having a checklist will help you feel accomplished when you can cross off the task on the list. Writing down the list will also help you share the tasks.

2. Get family and friends involved in the spring cleaning projects. Spread out the jobs to make it easier for everyone. With more help, the projects can get done that much quicker.

3. Make sure you have all of the proper cleaning supplies for your spring cleaning tasks. Microfiber clothes are great for dusting and cleaning. Invest in a good vacuum with extensions so you can get the cobwebs in the corners and on the walls.

4. Do your projects room by room. Each room of the house will have special needs, such as cleaning the tiles in the bathroom to shampooing rugs and carpets. You don’t have to do the entire checklist at one time. Pace yourself and you will get the project done.

5. Do the typical spring cleaning projects more than once a year. It might be good to do some of the following once a season: wash the windows, change linens and comforters, deep clean the carpet and rugs, clean curtains, and wash down and scrub lawn and garden furniture.

6. Clean out the refrigerator and pantry. Throw out expired food and staples. Wash down the shelves and the cabinets.

7. Throw away expired medication, cosmetics and other beauty supplies in your medicine and linen closets.

8. Replace batteries in smoke detectors. This is actually good to do every six months when there is a time change.

9. To keep your newly cleaned room organized, make sure that items in the room are put away in their proper home every evening.

10. Finally, celebrate when your spring cleaning tasks are done!

The Return of Baseball

Return of Baseball

Welcome back baseball season!


It’s spring, which means that it is finally the return of baseball season! Spring training started over a month ago for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Los Angeles Dodgers. After a month of training and pre-season games, the teams are putting together their starting line-ups and pitching rotations for the beginning of the 2014 season. Both teams have their opening days next week. Are you ready to hear the two magical words that baseball fans have been waiting 6 months to hear?  Play Ball!

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers  just completed an exhibition series against the Arizona Diamondbacks in Sydney, Australia. The Dodger’s spring training was cut shorter this year to play in this special series down under.  The Dodger’s had a rough spring training with a 6-10 record in the National League of the Cactus League. Hopefully, the spring doesn’t reflect on the regular season! The 2013 National League West Division Champion Dodgers, under the management of Don Mattingly, are ready to come back and win the division and move on to October baseball for the 2014 season. They added closer Chris Perez and outfielder, Alex Guerrero to the team during the off-season. The Dodgers have the top 3 starting pitchers in the game in Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke and Hyun-Jin-Ryu. The team also has a strong bullpen and the second best offense next to the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League. Because of their high payroll and need to get high-profile players, the Dodgers have been called the Yankees of the West. The Los Angeles Dodgers open up the 2014 regular season away at the San Diego Padres on Saturday, March 30th. Hyun-Jin-Ryu will be the Dodger’s opening day pitcher. The home opener at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles is Friday, April 4th at 1pm against rivals the San Francisco Giants.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim  have had a strong spring training camp going 16-10 and placing 3rd in the American League Cactus League. The Angels have had a rough few seasons and are working to meet and beat everyone’s expectations of the team.  The long-time manager of the team, Mike Scioscia, is hoping to turn around the team with key off-season deals with pitchers Tyler Skaggs and Hector Santiago. Key veterans, Mike Trout, Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols will still play key roles on the offense for the team. If the players stay healthy, the team could have a successful 2014 season. Opening Day at Angel Stadium in Anaheim is Monday, March 31st against division rivals, Seattle Mariners, at 7:05pm. The opening day pitcher has not been decided as of yet.

Good Luck to both of the Los Angeles area baseball teams for the 2014 season! Even though the season is long, here is hoping that both teams will be playing long into October!

10 Tips For Storing Artwork

10 tips for storing artwork



We are a collecting culture. We collect everything from artwork to Pez dispensers and everything else in between. Many of us have artwork and family heirlooms in our home that have been passed along from generation to generation or artwork that has just been created by a friend or a favorite artist. Collecting artwork is an investment and you want to protect that investment. If you do not plan on displaying the artwork in your home, then it needs to be stored properly either in the home or at a storage facility. Renting a self storage unit is a great option to store artwork. Storing the artwork in a secured and climate controlled facility will give you the peace of mind that your artwork is protected. Magellan Storage has 6 facilities in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas that can help you with solutions to store your family heirlooms and artwork. In order to keep the artwork in the best condition, there are certain steps to take to protect the artwork while in storage. Below are 10 tips for preparing and storing your artwork:

1. Place the artwork in a climate controlled storage unit. A constant temperature and humidity level will help protect the artwork from damage that can be caused by moisture build up from high humidity levels which can also develop into mold and mildew.

2. Do not store artwork near open vents or open doors. Some direct sunlight could damage the artwork and cause it to fade.

3. Store canvas artwork upright off of the ground. Place the canvases on wooden pallets or vertically on shelving units. Do NOT store the pieces of artwork flat. The artwork can warp if stored flat or you might place something on top of the artwork causing damage to the piece.

4. Do NOT put anything against the front or back of canvas artwork. If this is newly created artwork, make sure that the paint is dry before you prep it for storage.

5. If you are storing multiple pieces of artwork, store them with the largest piece leaning against the wall of the storage unit and place the smaller pieces in front in descending size order. Place pieces of cardboard in between each piece of artwork.

6. Wrap framed or canvas artwork in sheets or place the artwork in a cardboard box while in storage. The sheet and box will allow for air flow around the artwork. Do NOT store the artwork in plastic or bubble wrap as this can cause moisture to be trapped inside the plastic damaging the art. Also, do not wrap artwork in newspaper. The print can rub off onto the artwork.

7. Store photos in airtight plastic containers and wrapped in acid free paper.

8. Sculptures should be stored carefully on a flat surface. Do NOT lean sculptures against anything or store them on their heads or their sides. Place sculptures towards the back walls of the storage unit, so they will be out-of-the-way of walking traffic.

9. Keep an inventory of the artwork that you are storing. This would be good for easier access later on and for inventory purposes.

10. Don’t forget to get added insurance for artwork that you place in storage. Ask your facility manager about insurance options.

St. Patrick’s Day Events in Los Angeles Area

St. Patrick's Day Events in LA

St. Patrick’s Day is Monday, March 17th, a day to celebrate Irish history, heritage and culture. The day began as an Irish religious feast day honor their patron saint, Patrick. Today, it is an international festival celebrating Irish culture with parades, dancing, food and music. March 17th is the anniversary of the death of St. Patrick in the late 5th century. St. Patrick was actually not a native Irishman. He was born in a noble family in Britain and at the age of 16 was kidnapped and enslaved by Irish raiders. After Patrick escaped from his captors a few years later, he returned to England and joined the church. He went back to Ireland to convert the Irish pagans to the Roman Catholic Church. The Irish have observed St. Patrick’s Day since the 9th or 10th century as a religious holiday with solemn tips to church, since the day lands in the middle of Lenten season.

Irish immigrants brought their traditions to American in the 1700 and 1800’s. The first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in 1762 in New York City as British troops marched a few block to a local pub on March 17th. The first major St. Patrick’s parade was held in Savannah, Georgia in 1813 and is still held today. There are more than 100 parades held in cities around the world to honor St. Patrick’s Day. The largest parades in the United States are held in New York City, Boston and Savannah. New York City’s parade is the largest with over 150,000 participants and 3 million spectators. The Irish government joined in the joyous celebrations in 1995 with parades, concerts and fireworks. According to The History Channel , there are over 34.7 million people in the United States with Irish ancestry, which is 7 times more than the current population of Ireland!

Unlike the major cities of the east coast, there is not as big of an Irish community in the Los Angeles area, which limits the amount of official activities to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. There is no major parade in the city of Los Angeles. However, the city of Hermosa Beach does have a St. Patrick’s Day parade on March 15th.  The parade draws thousands of people to Hermosa Beach to celebrate Irish culture and heritage. The parade participants include community groups, bands, dancers and more! The 8th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration and Green Festival  is taking place at the OC Market Place on Sunday, March 16th. This one of a kind festival mixes St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with eco-friendly activities and information. There will be vendors with eco-friendly ideas from recycled home décor and accessories, fiber art and paper jewelry. There will also be food trucks, Irish dancing and musical performances and fun for the entire family.

The big events to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day are large parties and festivals that are taking place in various areas of the city.  Los Angeles’s St. Patty’s Fest  is a festival of beer, wine and spirits in West Hollywood at the Arena on March 16th. The Claddagh Irish Dance group and the Pasadena Pipe and Drums Band will be performing at the event. Plus, there is food, drink and dancing during the all-day event. The Queen Mary is hosting Shamrock N Roll on Saturday, March 15th starting at 7pm. There will be Celtic Rock, Irish music, beverages, food, Irish dancers and much more. This is a 21 and over event.

However you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this coming weekend, have fun, be safe and enjoy! Slainte!

Room-by-Room Decluttering Tips

Room-by-room decluttering  tips

Organized Kitchen











Spring has nearly sprung, which means it is once again time for spring cleaning projects. One of the major components of a spring cleaning project is decluttering and reorganizing. Doing these tasks is actually the hardest part for some people. Our culture is very attached to our “stuff”, which can make it very difficult for people to sort and throw away items, but in order to keep an organized home, it has to be done. And it can be done if you just plan ahead and follow a few easy tips.

To start any organization project, you need to have a plan and a goal in mind. After you decide on your goal, then you can start you project. Split up the decluttering projects into smaller tasks, which will be then be easier to accomplish. The first step of any reorganization project is to remove all items from the room (or area) that you are cleaning. Once you have removed the items and cleared out the room, then it is time to sort the items into the following piles (or boxes): keep in the room, store, donate, sell or throw away. Stick to your sorting strategy as much as possible. Remove the items that you want to throw away, donate, sell or store right away. Purchase storage options, such as shelving units, storage bins and baskets to help keep the items in the room organized. Magellan Storage  has packing supplies that will help you during your decluttering project. If you need a place to store additional items that no longer fit inside the room, then think about renting a self storage unit. Magellan Storage has 6 locations  in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas to help with all of your storage needs.

When you break down you decluttering project into rooms, it makes accomplishing the task less daunting. Follow some of the easy room-by-room reorganization tips below and before you know it, you will have a reorganized and decluttered home!


  • Match up lids to bottoms of storage containers. If you can’t find a match, recycle them or throw them away.
  • Throw out old and unused kitchen equipment.
  • Utilize great storage solutions in your pantry and cupboards.
  • In the pantry, organize like items, such as baking items or staples together.


  • Throw away old and outdated cosmetics.
  • Throw away old medicine and first aid items.
  • Organize like items together in the medicine or linen cabinet.
  • Re-stock the first aid kit.

Living Room

  • Put away items in their proper homes every evening before you go to bed.
  • Do not leave items sitting around on coffee tables or furniture.
  • Utilize storage options to store and display collections.

Home Office

  • Throw out old office equipment
  • Sort mail as soon as you get it, instead of just putting it in a pile.
  • Recycle magazines and catalogs that you get in the mail right away.
  • Utilize all vertical spaces in the room, by hanging shelving and pegboards.
  • When you put items back in the room, make sure that you have items that you need the most on or close to your desk.
  • Create a filing system for family documents, bills and financial documents.


  • Create zones in your garage for storage, utilities, car storage, toys or a workshop.
  • Hang ladders and bikes from walls and ceilings
  • Utilize pegboards and storage solutions along the walls of the garage.
  • Put children’s toys and gardening supplies near the main door of the garage so they are easily accessible.

Skeletons in Your Closet?

Halloween Decoration Storage

Do you have skeletons in your closet?

When skeletons and hollowed out pumpkins are commonplace, and no door is complete without spider webs, yes, it’s that time of year again. The spookiest part of Halloween, though, seems to be hunting down the decorations. They’re either stuffed in attics filled with real spider webs or jammed in garages with enough obstacles to rival any haunted house, and, of course, somehow, that overstuffed box that closed perfectly last year refuses to close when you try to repack it again this year.

Magellan Storage is the best way to pack away all your things, without any last minute frights. Here’s five reasons why you should join the Magellan family this Halloween.

1.     Trick or Treat?

At Magellan, there’s no tricks. We offer competitive rates for self-storage that hits the entire spectrum, from specialty temperature controlled wine storage, boat and RV storage, and customizable self-storage perfect for the holidays.

2.     Mummy and Me

Our unique Kid’s Zone includes a kid’s play area that is perfect for your little boys and ghouls. We also have tenant appreciation events that are fun for the whole family, because at Magellan, we really do treat you like family.

3.     Fang-tastic Deals

Our value storage spaces range from closet 5×5 space to two car parking at 10×30, so you’re sure to find the best fit for you at a very competitive price. We are also one of the only companies to offer complementary move-in truck rental for all new customers as well as complimentary carts. Signing up for Magellan doesn’t just include a storage space. Free of charge, we also include a children’s play area, a business center with fax, phone, internet, and a conference room, and a kitchenette stocked with refreshments.

4.    Hang around for a Spell

At Magellan, we want you to feel at home. We take all the hassle out of moving by providing packing and storing accessories and supplies in-house for sale. Our kitchenettes offer complimentary refreshments, and our business center is the perfect place for working on the go. Food trucks in the area make for a perfect treat before Halloween. In fact, we’re located throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County, so your storage is as accessible and convenient as it can possibly be.

5.     We’ve got Spirit

Magellan is a friend of the community, and is proud to support charities in our area by donating storage space and participating and sponsoring charity events. To name just a few, we’ve partnered with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Boys and Girls Club, and Habitat for Humanity. When you support Magellan, you support your community.

So don’t fret or let the ghouls gather. Consider renting out a self-storage space in one of our many locations! We currently have open and running:

Self Storage Los Angeles                   Self Storage Costa Mesa

Self Storage Orange County             Self Storage Commerce

Self Storage Irvine                               Self Storage Torrance

Self Storage Downtown LA               Self Storage Slauson

This Halloween season is the perfect time to secure a spot in one of our wonderful sites. These units are just right for holiday decoration storage, but they can be so much more than that as well. A 10×10 storage space would be ideal for holiday decoration storage, but there are many options for essentially any of your storage needs. We have spaces ready and available for boat storage, RV storage, automobile storage, outdoor supply storage, etc… And even more than that, there are also smaller storage available for if you simply need a space while moving, or storing all your appliances while between houses, or temperature controlled storage for wine.

With competitive rates you can be confident that you are getting the absolute best storage size for what you pay. The valuable storage you will receive when working with us is only made better by the fantastic customer service we guarantee. We will even provide you with a complimentary moving truck for many of our specials going on right now. There are so many deals happening at the moment it would be a complete shame to miss out on them – from free moving trucks, to 50% off for the first two months, to 33% off for the first three months, and much more!

Our locations are fully equipped with a professional business center, a kitchenette, and even a kid’s play area. Professionalism is our mantra, and you will not be disappointed with the condition of our offices, the condition of your storage spaces, or the experience level of our friendly staff. We are committed to excellence and safety, so you never need doubt or worry about your possessions while they are with us.

So go all out this Halloween and take comfort in the knowledge that you have a secure environment to keep all of your decorations in until this spooky holiday rolls around once again next year. Be the house that every trick-or-treater feels compelled to stop by. We can’t wait to see you this Halloween! Best witches!

Irvine, California: America’s Safest City

Irvine, California: America's Safest City

So what made Irvine what it is today? How did it come to be one of the safest cities in America? How did it become a city at all? Read more to learn the history of Irvine and why it’s America’s safest city!

Magellan Storage: Irvine Location

10025 Muirlands Boulevard

Irvine, CA 92618

Phone: 714-466-9558

Located near the Irvine Spectrum and the Irvine Industrial Complex East, with easy access to the 405 and 5 Freeways, Magellan Storage offers convenient storage opportunities in a city that was named “the Safest City in America” by the FBI in 2012, for the eighth consecutive year. With the lowest crime rate among cities with a population of more than 100,000 people for the 9th year in a row, Irvine is one of the safest places to live and store your belongings. 2012 was its safest year on record; and we are proud to offer self-storage in a community that supports its community members, with so much care.

In addition to being America’s safest city, Irvine also enjoys the perks of being in Southern California, where this is enough space to drive out on the open road. For that reason, our Irvine facilities allow customers to drive right up to their self-storage units making Irvine tenants truly happy campers!

So what made Irvine what it is today? How did it come to be one of the safest cities in America? How did it become a city at all?

A Planned City 

Irvine’s design scheme and history offer some insight into the city where kids can still play in the streets at night and their parents are happy to let them do so. Divided into a number of planned “villages,” some featuring schools and resort-style recreation like pools, the largely affluent community is comprised of a demographic that is well educated, as well as family-oriented.

Families feel comfortable sending their kids to school unsupervised at a certain age and riding bikes past a certain hour is the norm. The addition of large sprawling grasslands called green belts enhanced the ability for children and adults to enjoy the land in its natural state. Green belts were created during the development of the city of Irvine in the 1970s to preserve the habitat of the land, ensuring many a bike ride for kids and adults, alike!

A Focus on Education

Approximately 96% of residents have received a high school diploma and about 66% have received a college degree. That’s an inordinately high percentage compared to the national average of about 75% of all high school students actually graduating. The education level of the neighborhood informs the activities and social culture of the people in it.

In addition to three public libraries, and the second newest campus in the UC system, according to a US Census, Irvine ranked 7th in the nation of populations of at least 100,000 for having the highest percentage of residents who are over the age of 25 with doctoral degrees. Clearly, education is an important element in the city of Irvine.


Two thousand years ago, the Gabrielino Indians moved to the Irvine area, creating dozens of villages, living in round, wooden huts. There, the Gabrielino Indians enjoyed an abundant supply of shellfish, waterfowl, and land animals and were excellent bask weavers and makers of seashell and stone jewelry. They are considered the original inhabitants of what is now known as Orange County.

In 1769, Gaspar de Portola, an early Spanish explorer interrupted the tranquil lifestyle of the Gabrielinos, taking over the land and claiming it as property of the King of Spain. Forts, missions, and herds of cattle began to overtake the land as the King of Spain began to offer lands in exchange for missions and investments from the early settlers. After gaining independence from Spain in 1831, the Mexican government divided the missions into secular groups, distributing the land to Mexican citizens who received grants.

What came next were large settlements on behalf of the Mexican government as parceled out to the wealthy Mexican citizens. These grants made up the land that later became the Irvine Ranch: Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana, Rancho San Joaquin and Rancho Lomas de Santiago. The Mexican Independence from Spain meant that Alta California, (the original name of California as a Mexican territory) was entirely a Mexican property for at least twenty-five years. After years of Mexican landowners running their large estates, the Mexican-American War found a defeated Mexico and the Treaty of Guadalupe was signed. California was then annexed to the United States, becoming the 31st state of the Union.

The Congressional Act of 1851 forced landowners to reapply for their titles in order to have valid ownership over their ranchos. Families were buying, selling, and owning together, creating tension and confusion in ownership titles. One estate in particular, Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana became entangled in misappropriated titles. In 1868, an outside investor named Abel Stearns dissolved the rancho and divided the property among its four claimants: one of which was James Irvine, a successful sheep rancher, who became one of the largest landowners amongst his peers. At that time, most of the ranches were still dedicated specifically to sheep grazing; but in the 1870s, tenant farming was first allowed. In 1878, for $150,000, James Irvine acquired his partners’ interests and became landowner of 110,000 acres that stretched 23 miles from the Pacific Ocean to the Santa Ana River.

In 1886, James Irvine died, leaving his son, James Irvine, Jr. with full possession of the ranch, which he then incorporated into The Irvine Company a year later. James Irvine Jr. then began developing the ranch property into operations, which included field crops, olive, and citrus orchards. Note: Today California is one of the leading fruit and vegetable producers in the country.

After James Irvine Jr. passed at the age of 80 and his successor, his son Myford passed in 1959, the Irvine Company expanded in ways that were incredibly generous to the public. For instance, today it houses the campus of UC Irvine, a state school. The population of the City of Irvine in January 1999 was 134,000 and by the year 2020, it is expected to be about 200,000 people in an area of 46.7 square miles.

Supports Local Business

According to the City’s 2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top ten employers in the city starts with University of California, Irvine, at number one, in the education sector. Number five on the list is Irvine Unified School District, which has about 2,400 employees. So while education is a valued asset for its residents, it is also a viable source of revenue for the city as a whole.

In addition to being a great city, Magellan offers excellent storage opportunities for your storage needs. Self-storage doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. In fact, it can be fun! Our Irvine location is just one of many locations that satisfies the needs of our tenants in a fun, stress-free environment that is convenient and affordable to meet your needs!

Here are just some of the Storage Facility Features at Magellan Storage Irvine:

  • All drive up units
  • All ground level units
  • Resident manager onsite
  • Access 7 days a week
  • Month to month rentals
  • Boxes and moving supplies for sale on site
  • Specialized, state of the art surveillance system secured by PTI
  • Digital keypad access control
  • Digital cameras
  • Motion sensor lighting
  • 24-7 digital video recording
  • Outdoor RV, trailer, and boat storage
  • Friendly and professional staff
  • Deliveries accepted
  • Senior, military and student discount

Friendly Service

Come visit us in Irvine and swing by the Irvine Spectrum while you’re out here. Take a ride on the Ferris Wheel! We’re sure James Irvine Sr. would be proud of what’s become of this miraculous neighborhood landscape. At Magellan, we’re happy to share a piece of land in a place as special as the city of Irvine.

Costa Mesa Food Trucks: A Moveable Feast!

One colorful food truck

One colorful food truck


The Costa Mesa Food Trucks have become legendary in Orange County, where foodies and regular folks join in on the flavorful sensations, delivered directly to your doorstep! Fresh and ready-to-eat, food trucks have revolutionized the way people enjoy their food, especially during the workday. The community sense of eating together and participating in a shared experience has turned fast food into a group dining experience. Food trucks are turning regular food into memorable meals. Tasty treats are savored and enjoyed. Unique creations are posted, shared, and tweeted about. Each creation feels specially prepared to satisfy your specific taste buds. For all that, it sure beats 7-Eleven!

On the popular food truck website, you can choose which time of day best suits your hunger needs: BREAKFAST (5AM-11AM), LUNCH (11AM-4PM), DINNER (4PM-9PM), and LATE NIGHT (9PM-3AM) and go from there. Whatever time a craving hits, there is most likely a food truck nearby that is willing and able to serve you!

The arrival of food trucks to Costa Mesa, an epicenter of cultural food already, has increased the value of a personalized taco or sushi platter, made ready-to-eat in minutes. The opportunity for chefs and cooks to work in an atmosphere that is conducive to creativity and interacting with customers i.e. the public, has engendered a sense of community and drive for the motivated, working class. These days, people are stepping outside their offices on their lunch breaks, instead of staying cooped up inside, meekly unwrapping whatever pre-packaged turkey sandwich they got from a convenient store, only to be left mildly satisfied, at best. The liveliness and community enterprise of Costa Mesa’s local food trucks has given the neighborhood an unprecedented local boost! There’s no sign of the trend slowing down.

According to the Roaminghunger website ( that features a map where you can find the closest food trucks in your area, trucks can be located within your area with the click of a button. To find a local food truck, just enter your zip code and/or city information, step outside, and let the taste of the OC consume you. From, here is closer look at where to find the great food trucks:

About Orange County Food Trucks

“Orange County, where the waves are big, the girls are beautiful, and the food trucks are bangin’! With a truck count in the sixties, this county has put the kibosh on the big city stereotype of food trucks. Suburban delight comes on four wheels in this beachy oasis, bringing crepes, tapas, vegan goodies and more to the tall dark and handsome. Enjoy farm-fresh fare from Seabirds or citrus-centered cuisine from The Lime Truck. The options abound, which is why the trucks make it easy by gathering at popular pit stops in the area. More savings, less hunger, that’s the power of the Home Depot at 5800 Lincoln Avenue, which rotates up to 10 trucks each Tuesday. The Sophomore Slump sets in as students chow down on street food outside Yorba Linda High School. And Best Buy might have thousands of possibilities, but so does their parking lot on 2375 North Tustin, the regular stomping grounds of Orange County’s best trucks. Good food is not hard to find in this sunny paradise. Just click on the live map above to find your next meal!”

Pretty cool, huh? The last time the local food trucks visited Magellan Storage in a fleet was just this past July 11th, when coworkers and bosses alike, joined the trucks outside for some tasty treats. At Magellan Storage in Costa Mesa, our staff is well equipped to handle large volumes of people and large automotive vehicles; so, the food trucks were welcome guests on our spacious lots! Magellan Storage in Costa Mesa, stores vintage cars, RVs, and boats; so, inviting a few more trucks onto the property seemed like a good fit! Our satisfied colleagues would agree.

Don’t feel left out if you are in the Los Angeles area, is an excellent source to help you find a food truck close to you! Typically, the food trucks will post on various social media sources to let you know where they are going to be and when. It is a fantastic example of the use of social media to observe food trucks and how they utilize the tools of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Some trucks even offer deals if you opt to tweet, post, or snap a pic when you visit their truck. People helping people!

With our Costa Mesa office hours open Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm, Sunday 10am to 3pm and access 7 days a week 5am to 12am, there’s bound to be a food truck that can swiftly meet your hunger needs, any time of day. Because our facilities feature a business center equipped with a phone, fax, internet, and conference room, you can make it a grand affair and call up your friends to let them know that the food trucks have arrived and to meet you outside! The children’s play area at our Costa Mesa Storage facility offers your children an opportunity to play and exercise before they eat a yummy treat from one of the trucks! Magellan Storage encourages a sense of community; so what better way to bring people together than some good food!

The food trucks have a history at Magellan Storage in Costa Mesa. According to our previous blog entry: “On July 2nd, Burger Monster, Kogi BBQ, Ragin Cajun, Cousins Maine Lobster and Tropical Shaved Ice” were all visitors; and “on July 9th, Burger Monster, Chomp Chomp Nation and We Love Froyo. Chomp Chomp Nation (@ChompChompTruck) (which specializes in Singaporean Food including satey, kaya stuffed French toast and Singapore sling wings)” visited our lot, feeding a frenzy of hungry Magellan coworkers, who appeared to leave very satisfied!

Food trucks offer a wide variety of specialty fare, such as Korean Barbeque, Lobster Dishes, Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, and even some cool Vegetarian options!  The arrival of these awesome restaurants on wheels has engaged an audience hungry for a change. These visitors, tenants and employees alike, are voracious for more of the same. Luckily, many of these trucks offer catering as well. In addition to private catering, optimal for large group meetings and conferences, food trucks have gotten the word out about their services through social media in other nifty ways.

Food trucks have incorporated a wide variety of practices that allow customers to engage with company brands. By maintaining an interactive brand that allows frequent and continual engagement with the public, brand engagement has become an integral element in the experience of eating at a local food truck. Engaging with customers at your company site, or on the lot at Magellan Storage, offers exciting, new opportunities to share and develop your brand in a way that is personal and immediately satisfying to both your brand and your stomach! Things like on-truck advertising and on-truck product placement are ways for a company’s brand to engage and interact with customers in a way that feels non-intrusive in our media-saturated society. What better way to experience a new product than with a tasty, delicious lobster taco! Yummy! Food trucks are utilizing their mobile services in ways that are engaging to the public and companies are welcoming a change in their delivery system.  Pun intended!

At Magellan Storage, food trucks are a fun way to participate in community happenings as well as take a much-needed break from a strenuous workday. At Magellan Storage, we aim to make moving easy and stress-free. That’s why, we encourage our faithful, trusted employees to take time out for themselves and enjoy what the city has to offer. It also serves tenants, as they may be experiencing a stressful day of moving and carrying boxes to-and-fro. Time for a food truck break! Thankfully, tenants don’t have to go very far. Sometimes, the Costa Mesa food trucks drive up right to our door! They like visiting us; because we can be fun and friendly, too! Magellan Storage enjoys a good eat as much as we enjoy a good job well done. Food trucks are a fun and satisfying way to spice up the workday! Costa Mesa Food Trucks: A Moveable Feast!

Finding Parking for Boats and RVs!

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 4.07.09 PM

Last week, we covered the kiddies and their toys; so now, it’s the adults’ turn! With getting bigger comes, you guessed it, bigger toys! Living in Los Angeles, Southern California adults can enjoy the natural wonders of the Pacific Coast like the Pacific Coast Highway or the Pacific Ocean, right in their backyard! What better way to enjoy the waves of the Pacific than with your very own boat? What better way to enjoy the winding length of the coast of the Pacific Coast Highway than driving your own RV from the Southern end to the Northern tip, with your family in tow!

Of all the self-storage facilities in Los Angeles, Magellan Storage offers the most competitive rates to store your RV or Boat, during the Fall and Winter months. And when you’re ready to rev that engine back up again or sail the mighty Pacific seas, or just take her out for a quick bath, Magellan Storage can provide you with the necessary storage accessories such as:

  • Covered wash rack
  • Dump station
  • Vacuum with 40′ long hose
  • Air compressor
  • 14′ x 30′ by 13′ high garage space

Some of these storage accessories and amenities are offered exclusively at our Costa Mesa location, which makes it easy and convenient for boat owners who live in neighboring areas like Long Beach, Riverside, Newport Beach, or even Los Angeles County to stop in and give their baby a full detail bath.

With big kid toys come big kid responsibilities and that means handing over the keys to someone you can trust. Like a trusted friend, Magellan Storage offers you flexibility by covering your storage needs 24/7 with storage amenities like:

Specialized surveillance system:

  • Digital keypad access control
  • Digital cameras
  • Motion sensor lighting
  • 24-7 digital video recording

Ferdinand Magellan would have been thrilled if he knew that there was a place of value storage, where he could lock, store, and maintain the condition of his boat with such an efficient, easy process. And I’m sure the Griswold Family would appreciate their Family Vacation ending smoothly with secure parking and storage of their family’s RV!

At Magellan Storage, 24-hour access is specifically available to RV, boat & vehicle storage tenants only, making it easy for you to self-store your precious cargo. Our storage centers span the Southern California coast with locations in Orange County, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Torrance, Commerce, Downtown LA, and Self Storage Slauson in Los Angeles County.

Our friendly, experienced staff will help guide you through the early stages of storing and maintaining a boat or RV, long-term. Storing a boat in a dock can be really expensive and unpredictable. Self-storage at Magellan makes it simple and stress-free without taking a hit on your wallet!

One major plus when deciding to store your boat ashore rather than in the water is simple: Taking a boat out of the water limits hull contact with the water and can reduce the occurrence of blisters on fiberglass hulls; therefore, storage of a boat ashore is likely to increase the service life of its hull. Less water = less wear! Other negative concern of dock-storage is safety. The quality of a boatyard or marina’s infrastructure may indicate the likelihood of vandalism and the potential volatility of an environment. Magellan Storage’s 24/7 security surveillance system

RV owners who like to go camping or just go driving up the coast can find optimal RV Storage with unique Indoor and Outdoor storage options at our Costa Mesa location with an impressive 12′ wide outdoor space! With 24-hour access, RV owners can store their big baby in a place that feels safe, friendly, and reliable.

When camping season is over, storing your RV in your driveway isn’t always the best option, for you or your RV! Leaving your RV in the sun where it can be damaged by the elements leaves your precious vehicle in a precarious situation. Home garages don’t offer enough space to store a 25’ or 40’ RV. Storing your RV at a facility that offers storage accessories and storage supplies designed to meet your specific needs as an RV owner seems like a pretty good choice!

Buying an RV is a big investment, and Magellan Storage lives up to their sterling reputation by guarding and protecting those investments all while practicing excellent customer service. In addition to our state-of-the art surveillance system, our Costa Mesa location offers outdoor facilities that enable you to maintain and upkeep your beauty when she’s taking a break from travels her on the road. 24-hour/7-day-a-week access and amenities such as trickle charger receptacles for indoor tenants, a dump station and wash amenities, are all part of what make Magellan Storage your optimum choice in storing your Recreational Vehicle. Keep it recreational!

For RV Owners who wish to stay current on the latest developments in the RV world, Fleetwood RV is featuring the RVIA California Show:

RVIA California RV Show
October 11-20, 2013
L.A. Fairplex
Pomona, CA
» Learn more

Compare notes with fellow RV owners and find out why Magellan Storage is right for your RV storage needs!

Times have changed for boat and RV owners, alike. Sailors and boatswains used to navigate by the light of the stars, power with oars, and steer with a rudder. Drivers used to navigate using large, bulky, paper maps. Now, we can get to where we are going at lightning speed, with the light of our modern navigation system blinking back at us; powering along with our engine; and steering along with our fuzzy leopard steering wheel.

Modern times call for modern measures. Magellan Storage can assist you in retaining the delight and original charm of the past while utilizing modern-day standards of boat storage and RV storage to optimize your boat-owning and RV-owning experience. With our optimal service and exceptional facilities designed to meet your storage needs, we’re sure that we can take care of you when your boat is taking a break from sailing the Pacific or your RV is cooling its wheels from the Coast Highway. If they came by to visit, we’re sure Ferdinand Magellan and the Griswolds would be proud.